5 large-scale modifications of Obama in the White House

It would seem that you can still dream of living in one of the greatest monuments of our time – the White House. The interiors of the White House are the history of America, and the great people who once lived in it, their style, their art and their furniture. But some owners leave, and others come, so it is difficult to call the White House at all a house in the classical sense of the word and, of course, it is quite difficult to live in it.

The Obama family moved to the White House in 2009. When Michelle and Barack saw the interiors, they realized that this is definitely not a cozy nest for a young family, so the decision to invite designer Michael S. Smith and redo everything for themselves came naturally. Because many rooms of the White House are of historical value, the designer was faced with the task of making only private rooms suitable for family entertainment, and leaving the rest untouched.

1.Master bedroom

In the master bedroom, it was important to create an atmosphere that you want to return to after a long and hard day. And, of course, a young couple needs a place for privacy and relaxation, so Michelle and Barack came to the conclusion that they want calm tones in the bedroom and leave the soft sunlight that fills the room so pleasantly. Do you think a bedroom like this would look good in your home?

For these purposes, the first thing the designer changed the bed to a more comfortable one and added more light and space using mirrors. The bed with high posts was completed with a stylish canopy, curtain and skirt made of Indian silk, adding a pair of named pillows. For more comfort, the couple ordered a carpet with a high pile, which perfectly contrasts with the warm shade of wallpaper.

2.Solarium Living room

The favorite room of many presidents, known as “Sunny”, is just a huge glazed balcony (veranda).

Michael decided to make this room a living room for relaxation in a modern neoclassical style. Soft and warm colors in the room seem to envelop you, and silk curtains are a great addition to the breathtaking view of the Washington monument. It’s time to relax.

3.The President’s private dining room

Of course, every President leaves an aesthetic mark on the White House. When we talk about room design, it is important to properly and beautifully mix personal items with historical artifacts of past generations. For example, in the President’s private dining room, where many tete-a-tete dinner parties have been held, there are several important things for Obama: Muhammad Ali’s own Boxing gloves with the autograph “Barack” or a painting by P. A. George Healy’s “Peacemakers” from 1868, depicting peace negotiations during the Civil war and framed notes from John F. Kennedy’s speech, a copy of which is also kept in the house where they spent their honeymoon.

4.Family living room

The family living room is specially equipped with a TV for evening family viewing. In the family living room, Sean Scully’s painting “Red anserin” is displayed against a wall covered with embossed paper; a soft comfortable sofa from Roman Thomas, a side table on a pedestal and a travertine table from Jasper Furniture, and a wool rug from Mansour.

5.Hall on the second floor

Hall on the second floor, which was once called in a special way: “deserted zone”, has turned into a cozy guest recreation area. For Michael, it was important to fill the room not only with a sense of comfortable elegance, but also to remember to emphasize the spirit of the time itself and to fill it with comfort and, sure, he did it. He helped the former first lady bring a perfect collection of contemporary African-American art to interiors that represents much more than just her love of art.

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