Alisha Keys gave 20 million dollar for a life in the Tony stark’s style

The result is the architectural masterpiece “Razor House”.

“The House of iron man” designed by architect Wallace Cunningham on the edge of a cliff in California, had a new owner – a famous singer and pianist. Alisha Keys purchased an architectural masterpiece for 20.8 million dollar.

“Razor House” stands on the edge of a cliff in La Jolla, California, on the territory of Torrey Pines State Park. Its construction was completed in 2008.

In “Iron man 3”, the exterior of the stark mansion is computer graphics, and the interior is scenery. The exterior of the house looks like “Enterprise” from “Star Trek, but in the picture you can see where the designers drew their inspiration from. Look how similar the white concrete walls and floor-to-ceiling windows are. Tony Stark’s house is also an impressive combination of curves and glass.

The mansion was created over six years and the total cost is estimated at 30 million dollar. The total area of the mansion is about 952 sq. m. — 6 bedrooms and bathrooms, huge panoramic windows in most of the living areas, two “luxury bedrooms with suede walls”, a garage for four cars.

Thanks to the high all-glass walls, you can see almost everything in the house from the yard. The house is equipped with everything necessary to ensure a comfortable life for millionaires – several kitchens with first-class appliances, climate control in all rooms, gyms, great living rooms.

The special pride of the author of the “Razor House” mansion is a delightful “endless pool” with a charming view of the ocean sunsets. A home theater with multi-level rows of chairs, a library, a billiard room – everything is implemented by a real master of the highest level of comfort.

The estate includes an additional guest house of about 121 square meters, another open parking for several cars, and a high concrete fence provides excellent privacy to the owner and guests of the “Razor House”.

If you ignore the multimillion-dollar cost of an amazing house made of glass and concrete, the beautiful and unusual creation of the architect continues to be in demand and has found its new owner.

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