I knew the customer, Dr. Elmar, for a long time. He is a handsome doctor of about 30 years old who is friends with Timati and drives a Porsche. And then I come for measurements on the object and see this. The first thing that I really wanted was to create a space in which Doctor Elmar would be comfortable to be and work.

About the project – it used to be a spa salon. It was necessary to help remake the entrance area, remake offices and corridors. Redesigning the offices was not that difficult, since traditionally dental offices are quite minimalistic. But the entrance area is another matter. Naturally, in this case, the novice doctor – the customer asked to minimize costs.

As you can see now the Dr. Elmar has a modern and brutal dental clinic design. We repainted the floor – and made it more contrasting. Added lighting on the ceiling to give the clinic a modern look. The green background behind the reception area gives a lively look and is good for eye contact. The clinic has a very modern and cozy look.