Apartment in London with open views of the beautiful river. The customer asked to remake, for a start, the living room area combined with the dining room and kitchen. Since the ceilings are low, I would like to visually increase the height of the room, as well as increase the space itself.

The living room greets the guest with an open beautiful view from the panoramic windows (doors) opening onto the balcony. As opposed to the oppressive atmosphere of the heavy architecture of houses in London, I wanted to create a space around unity with nature.

Thanks to the use of natural materials and warm pastel colors, the space, being light and airy, but at the same time dark due to the climatic conditions of London, will acquire the warmth of a cozy nest.

Floor, ceiling and mirrored wall are the main harmonizers in the room, uniting the dining room and living room into a single concept. The contrast of the organic matter of warm wood, cold mirrors, warm fabrics and the cool shade of the walls will create dynamics in the interior.