Naomi Campbell’s boyfriend built her an extraordinary 140 million- dollar house in the Russian forests.

Yes, you’re not mistaken; this is the most futuristic gift that can’t be called modest. This house was built in the Russian forest by her ex-boyfriend Vladislav Doronin. This is the only completed mansion of the late Iraqi-British Zaha Hadid – a house in the Barvikha forest near Moscow in honor of the man she called “Russian James Bond”.

Vladislav Doronin is a billionaire, founder and chairman of the development companies Capital Group and OKO Group, and owner of the Aman luxury hotel chain. According to Business Insider he paid 140 million dollar to build the house. That’s lacked the movie “Crazy Rich Asians” this house. 

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And it all started with Doronin request :” I want to wake up in the morning and just see the blue sky. I don’t want to see my neighbors and I want to feel free”, which was impossible to do, because Barvikha is surrounded by high pine forests. And that’s why the specific feature of the house is the main bedroom, set on a thin concrete stem that rises above the tree canopy. 

It is located at a height of twenty-two meters above the ground – this design element offers Doronin complete privacy. The glazed walls, which inclined from the edge of the floor, form two balconies that show views of the tree tops. In the twenty-two-meter stem there is a stair and an elevator that allows you to come up and down. Yes, in a house like this, everyone would feel safe during a pandemic. 

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The house also includes three large floors, partially built into the sloping area, have corner glass facades facing the forest. Wide roofs with uneven stepped edges overhang the glass walls of each floor.  

The lower part of the house, which is partially underground, includes a 20-meter pool, a spa and a night club. On the first floor there is a hall, living room and kitchen. The entrance, a classy guest room, children’s room, bedrooms and library are located on the second floor. If you want the same or just looking for inspiration, you can look here. 

Zaha knew Vladislav as a very stylish person, and always compared him to the Russian James Bond, who had the taste and money to create something extraordinary.  

This is a masterpiece. It has all the characteristics of Zaha – organic abstruseness, complexity of spatial arrangement, many surprises, a lot of tricks and beauty and elegance. 

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This is perfection in every m2  

Author / By Zara King

Movie houses have a completely different function than in reality houses. Of course, we do not omit the question of their practicality – they are also used for walking and jumping, as in real life, but not for permanent home. The more important target of the interior of houses and scenes is to bring the idea of the film, to increase a certain atmosphere that the directors want to message to the audience or add the personality of the characters. 

And the best example of this is the film by John M. Chu’s “Crazy Rich Asians.” The film tells the story of Rachel Chu, an American woman who meets her boyfriend’s family and realizes that they are the richest people in Singapore. Yon can ask: How much? Imagine the people who rent out Michelle and Barack Obama’s homes in Singapore. In other words, these people are the leading developers in Singapore and get the hang of luxury real estate better than most. So where will the mega rich Nick’s family, the real estate magnate? Let’s get this over. 

Nick Young’s parents ‘ house 

The house pictured as the Singapore home of Eleanor Young, in the movie “Crazy Rich Asians”, is actually a B-land house located in the jungle outside of Kuala Lumpur. The amazing architectural residence was designed by Canadian architect Stephanie Megan, whose family has lived in this house for more than 6 years, and she did it very, very lucky. 

The modern dwelling was built on piles among the treetops on a hillside in the jungle and has 6 bedrooms. The house consists of three pavilions on different levels connected by a bridge with glass walls, and 7 stairs required for vertical connection due to the slope. Not a house, but a fortress.

And, while the B-land house definitely has the potential to be the best in a movie about the country of the mega-rich men, it’s another family mansion that stands out as the supreme symbol of status and wealth and this is where the family matriarch lives. Is it interesting? It gets better. 

Nick’s granny’s Palace 

Nick’s grandmother lives in the mansion of Young’s ancestors, which we see in all its glory. In the film, it is located on the territory of a huge estate surrounded by many hectares of hills and beautiful gardens. But in Singapore there are no houses surrounded by so many plants, and the authors got out of it – the house was inserted into the background of the Singapore Botanical garden. How to arrange your garden at home, I tell you in this article.  

The house as it is shown in the film was actually shot in two abandoned mansions: The Carcosa Seri Negara hotel in the Botanic gardens and Perdana in Kuala Lumpur. The interior scenes were shot in one building, and the exterior scenes were shot in another. 

“The interior of the living room reminds us of the time when Asians began to travel to Europe” – a historical reference that the decorator makes us. I exactly don’t have any questions about this house. This is a mix of European and Moroccan furniture on the background of English Wallpaper. The Victorian style, through the prism of Asian chic, is brilliant. Decorator Nelson Koat, says ” … the silk curtains were made overnight by a draper who always smiled when asked to do the impossible…» 

Peik Lin house, dressed in gold and curtains 

Image © 2018 Warner Bros. Pictures

Rachel’s College friend, Peik Lin, and her eccentric family were also honored with a luxury home, but I forgive you, if you think that it’s her house that looks the richest and most special in terms of interior design. Her house is cheaper than the rest of the people represented. Not a mansion in the Russian forests, but still. 

The interiors of her home were inspired by the hall of mirrors at Versailles and, of course, the Golden penthouse of Donald Trump. And if you’re wondering if the Peik Lin house exists in real life, I’d be happy to let you know that it does. It is located in the prestigious area of Singapore, Dempsey Hill. To stay here, you will need from 30 to 45 thousand dollar per month. Not a bad price, but it’s worth it. 

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Like all girls, Khloe Kardashian dreamed of getting married and, inspired by her dream, redid her house for a new tenant. Designer Martin Lawrence Bullard, the king of glamorous Ethnics, helped to realize the client’s dream and make a house in a modern Moroccan style. Let’s see what the result is, because it is difficult to make so many rooms stylish, but in my “notebook” there is a couple of interesting ideas that I could bring to life for you. 

Family Living Room

Let’s start with the family living room – this is the name of the room where the Kardashian family spends the most time together. Because ethnics is not in demand in America, most of the items were made to order, including Schumacher ceiling wallpaper, hanging lights, and a sectional sofa. But the framed photo belongs to Patrick Demarchelier — one of his most famous works. The antique fireplace was purchased from the company Exquisite Surfaces, and the exotic carpet belongs to the design of Anthony Monaco. Note how skillfully and harmoniously the designer managed to put all the patterns in one interior. In a room like this, you just want to sit and sit. 


This is one of the special spaces that you often see on the show and I’m not going to lie: kitchen design is my absolute favorite! First of all, the decor: Chloe is very obsessed with order and so there is nothing superfluous, everything is laid out on shelves and in jars. Secondly, a custom-made steel hood is a rarity, it literally attracts the eyes and thus serves as the focal point of the room. Wall-mounted ovens and counters together give the kitchen an architectural structural look. Everything is done incredibly beautifully. 

Walk-in closet  

I wrote in articles more than once about the most amazing star walk-in closet Khloe Kardashian: not only in size, but in all the items that fill the space. There is a whole search category on this topic on the Internet, but that’s not what we’re talking about right now. If you omit all the decor, the chandelier from RH does not harmonize with the light in other rooms. This is a definite disadvantage of the room, but I have an idea how to replace it to improve the view. 

Khloe Kardashian’s walk-in closet (Source: Martin Bullard portfolio) 


If you look closely at the picture from above, you will understand that the refined architectural detail of the house is the patio. Ethnics, ethnics and again ethnics! The tile admired very much, which is lined with a fireplace, designed by Martin for Ann Sachs. Perfectly matched mirror from RH. But there is a small detail that you can play better and I can give you a little life hack from my experience: use the right lighting for the space, it will give a certain charm. 

The patio at Khloe Kardashian’s home (Source: Martin Bullard portfolio) 

Tent living rooms 

This is one of her living rooms, which looks  really fabulous – Like Jasmine’s room from the cartoon “Aladdin”. Martin covered Chloe’s  living room with a light cloth, making it a small tent like in the desert. The Moroccan-style mirror from the designer’s collection is well matched with a recognizable vintage John Salibello and ethnic coffee tables covered with mother-of-pearl. Spending time in this room even the air feels like something magical. Learn how to make this image in your own home design with me. 

Khloe Kardashian’s living room (Source: Martin Bullard portfolio) 

Secret place in the main bedroom 

A niche in Khloe Kardashian’s home (Source: Martin Bullard portfolio) 

This niche is a star detail in the main bedroom. It seems primitive, but at the same time it is an ideal place for those who want to escape from the world and just focus on themselves. I would note the designer’s work on combining exotic details with a contemporary photograph by Chester Higgins Jr.  

Master Bathroom 

Master Bathroom in Khloe Kardashian’s home (Source: Martin Bullard portfolio) 

Pay attention to this striped marble – it visually expands the bathroom and revives it. Agree that without it, it would be an ordinary bathroom in a completely ordinary house. Details for the bathroom are selected very carefully, many of them are quite large and give certain calm and peace, pleased the eye with each visit. 

These images are easy to create and apply to your interior, but let me know if you have any doubts or even if you need help. It’s time to change the appearance of your home and make it look like Khloe Kardashian’s mansion. 

The official residence of all Vice presidents of the United States is called Number One Observatory Circle — this place got its name due to its location. This Victorian house on a green hill from1893 has always been a quieter place to live. It’s much quieter than the White house rooms a few miles away. 

In a few days, this will be the new home of the new United States Vice president who will occupy all 33-rooms in the house in Northwest Washington. As in the White House, each Vice president is required to leave a contribution to the interiors of the residence. It would seem that the budget of this contribution should be like the budget of Kim Kardashian’s birthday, but the Vice president lives on the nation’s taxes, so spending on the house should be minimal. 

Vice president Mike Pence’s wife started working on the house immediately after the voting, calling interior designer Arlene Kritsos of Interior Concepts. They repainted the dining room in a matte navy blue to match the blue and gold fabric of the chairs brought to the home of former second lady Marilyn Quayle. 

Столовая сейчас. (Источник: Tony Powell)
Столовая во времена бывшей второй леди Джилл Байден. (Источник: Washington life)

As an interior designer with experience, I can say that Karen Pence is well versed in colors and shades. Let’s look how calm the dining room looks without the art over the fireplace, and the color gives a classic room a bit of freshness and modernity. The modern white curtains in the dining room were replaced with more refined silk fabrics with tassels. 

Karen Pence also added the official collection of china: Chinese artists in Indiana created 100 plates for salads and desserts, decorated with fifty colors of the state. They are combined with the blue and gold Lennox china chosen by former second lady Jill Biden. Familiar last name? / Is the last name is familiar? 

Living room during the time of ex second lady Marilyn Quayle. (Source: AD Interiors) 

Look at the photo of the living room before Karen Retired, how much lighter and fresher it has become. A little life hack from me: if you have a lot of warm colors in your room, the best way to refresh the room is to add a little cool shade to the interior design. One more lesson from an interior designer to take on is replacing the dominant painting of Helen Frankenthaler with a vintage mirror to add some sunshine and size to the room. 

The glassed terrace is one of Karen Pence’s favorite rooms. (Source: The Washington Post) 

The paintings were selected from several locations, including the Smithsonian American Art Museum. The library’s shelves are filled with books written by family members of ex Vice presidents. The contrasting combination of wallpaper with soft white color emphasizes the architectural structure of the library. In a room where horizontal shelves prevail, it is always useful to add additional verticals — this is another life hack for you. 

Living room now. (Source: AD Interiors) 
Living room during the time of former second lady Marilyn Quayle. (Source: NY post) 

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Of course, there are celebrities who need a little and they live surprisingly modestly, and there are those who also do not mind spending a tidy sum on vacation, but mostly the Kardashian family is known for its wasteful lifestyle. Last week, Kim gathered her entire family and spent her 40th birthday barefoot on the beaches of this island in Polynesia. During the pandemic, a desert island and relatives are the best choice for celebration.

Tetiaroa, with its white sandy beaches, swaying coconut trees, colorful birds and sparkling lagoon — is a paradise on earth. 

The great resort was opened by Marlon Brando. For the first he came to this island during film production of the movie “Mutiny on the Bounty ” and was immediately charmed by its rare beauty and sense of proximity to paradise. 

In love with the Polynesian lifestyle and with the queen of Tahiti – Tarita, the love of his life, he decided to find a way to master this paradise and save the beauty of the island’s nature. 

A night in this paradise costs 11 thousand dollar. The three-bedroom residence of Polynesian-style is about 557 m2 of living space, including indoor air-conditioned rooms, terraces and a swimming pool. 

Guests have free access to all the resort’s activities and comforts, including several restaurants, water sports, a luxury Polynesian spa, a lagoon-view bar, a beach bar, and more. 

If you do not consider where to fly for the new year holidays, then there is a lot of time to plan it. Write in the comments where you would like to fly and I will help you choose a hotel for the holiday. 

My followers are already used to the fact that we are talking about huge mansions – the works of famous architects and designers. And most celebrities live in luxurious interiors with all their features, but today we will not talk about them. 

Now many of us are quarantined in their cozy modest houses, as it is really dangerous to go outside. Despite the millions that celebrities earn, they prefer the practicality and simplicity of sassy and frank luxury. But today we will talk about a dozen great examples that sometimes celebrities are just like us!  

Jennifer Lawrence  

Jennifer Lawrence and her house (Source: MLS magazine) 

Before her marriage in 2019, academy award winner and winner of three Golden globe awards, actress Jennifer Lawrence, lived in this modest townhouse for 879,000 dollar. Discreet design with minimal furniture is not the wealth you expect from an actress of this scale, but that’s it. 

Robert Pattinson 

Robert Pattinson and his house (Source: real estate magazine) 

Robert is not a man who throws  money down the drain. He has repeatedly admitted that he is far from social life and does not like to be the center of attention, and today he is the most popular actor. The handsome man from the movie “Twilight” with a fee of 25 million dollar lives on a modest ranch, which has only two bedrooms and two bathrooms. Comfort and nothing more. 

Lea Michele 

Lea Michele and her house (Source: Celebrity magazine) 

Until the dawn of her career, actress Lea Michele lived in this fancy home. The two-bedroom cottage was sold in 2015 for just 1 million dollar. Yes, this is clearly not a luxury mansion in the Russian forest, but I think that you would also like to live in such a place, but this is everyone’s business.  

Warren Buffett 

Warren Buffett and his home (Source: NY Post) 

Billionaire Warren Buffett has lived in this modest house since 1958, the house price is just 0.001% of his income. When asked why he wasn’t interested in moving to a more glamorous mansion, he said: “I’m happy there. I would have moved if I thought I would be happier elsewhere.” How little to be happy.  

Mark Zuckerberg 

Mark Zuckerberg and his house (Source: 

Mark’s fortune is estimated at 88 million dollar and he is one of the richest people on the planet. Still, he lives with his wife, Priscilla Chan, and their two children in a 7 million dollar home in California. According to NBC News, Zuckerberg just wants peace, a comfortable environment for his family, and privacy for himself. It’s worthy of such man. 

John Krasinski 

John Krasinski and his house (Source: 

At the height of his career, John Krasinski lived in this modest bachelor house worth about 1 million dollar. This two-bedroom home, just seconds from Boulevard “Sunset” in Los Angeles, was at last replaced with a more family-friendly space in 2018. 

Elijah Wood 

Elijah woods and his house (Source: 

Despite his great success in the movie “The Lord of the Rings”, Elijah prefers to stay in a modest Victorian house in Texas for 600 thousand dollar. You can say that this is a luxury compared to his previous residence – in a house in Santa Monica. He is a really humble guy. 

Simon Helberg 

Simon Helberg and his house (Source: MLS) 

The star of the movie “The Big Bang Theory” has since moved from this cottage in Los Angeles. For a long time he lived in this house with five bedrooms, which he bought for 950 thousand dollar, that seems really small, given the fact that the actor earns about  1 million dollar per episode, which makes him one of the highest paid actors on television (1 episode = 10 such houses). 

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds 

Their house  (Source: MLS magazine) 

Although their together money is about 90 million dollar, this Hollywood couple spent just 2.3 million dollar on this cozy mansion in Bedford. Their dreamy house has lush gardens, a library and a sunny porch. All of this provides the perfect nest for this hard-working couple and their two children. 

Matthew McConaughey 

Matthew McConaughey and his house (Source: 

Before becoming an award-winning actor, husband and father of three, Matthew McConaughey was a bachelor living in his Airstream trailer. The actor purchased and repaired the Airstream trailer of 2004 10 years ago and parked it forever along the coastline in Santa Monica and equipped it with simple surfer decorations. “The thing about small spaces is that they are relaxing,” McConaughey said – wise words. 

What do you think about this and do you want my opinion? I believe that the house, the interior inside and out, the imperceptible things as decor that complement the whole picture, are a expression of the owner. If you have a desire to create something similar, cozy and comfortable, I will be happy to help you with this. 

The result is the architectural masterpiece “Razor House”.

“The House of iron man” designed by architect Wallace Cunningham on the edge of a cliff in California, had a new owner – a famous singer and pianist. Alisha Keys purchased an architectural masterpiece for 20.8 million dollar.

“Razor House” stands on the edge of a cliff in La Jolla, California, on the territory of Torrey Pines State Park. Its construction was completed in 2008.

In “Iron man 3”, the exterior of the stark mansion is computer graphics, and the interior is scenery. The exterior of the house looks like “Enterprise” from “Star Trek, but in the picture you can see where the designers drew their inspiration from. Look how similar the white concrete walls and floor-to-ceiling windows are. Tony Stark’s house is also an impressive combination of curves and glass.

The mansion was created over six years and the total cost is estimated at 30 million dollar. The total area of the mansion is about 952 sq. m. — 6 bedrooms and bathrooms, huge panoramic windows in most of the living areas, two “luxury bedrooms with suede walls”, a garage for four cars.

Thanks to the high all-glass walls, you can see almost everything in the house from the yard. The house is equipped with everything necessary to ensure a comfortable life for millionaires – several kitchens with first-class appliances, climate control in all rooms, gyms, great living rooms.

The special pride of the author of the “Razor House” mansion is a delightful “endless pool” with a charming view of the ocean sunsets. A home theater with multi-level rows of chairs, a library, a billiard room – everything is implemented by a real master of the highest level of comfort.

The estate includes an additional guest house of about 121 square meters, another open parking for several cars, and a high concrete fence provides excellent privacy to the owner and guests of the “Razor House”.

If you ignore the multimillion-dollar cost of an amazing house made of glass and concrete, the beautiful and unusual creation of the architect continues to be in demand and has found its new owner.

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It would seem that you can still dream of living in one of the greatest monuments of our time – the White House. The interiors of the White House are the history of America, and the great people who once lived in it, their style, their art and their furniture. But some owners leave, and others come, so it is difficult to call the White House at all a house in the classical sense of the word and, of course, it is quite difficult to live in it.

The Obama family moved to the White House in 2009. When Michelle and Barack saw the interiors, they realized that this is definitely not a cozy nest for a young family, so the decision to invite designer Michael S. Smith and redo everything for themselves came naturally. Because many rooms of the White House are of historical value, the designer was faced with the task of making only private rooms suitable for family entertainment, and leaving the rest untouched.

1.Master bedroom

In the master bedroom, it was important to create an atmosphere that you want to return to after a long and hard day. And, of course, a young couple needs a place for privacy and relaxation, so Michelle and Barack came to the conclusion that they want calm tones in the bedroom and leave the soft sunlight that fills the room so pleasantly. Do you think a bedroom like this would look good in your home?

For these purposes, the first thing the designer changed the bed to a more comfortable one and added more light and space using mirrors. The bed with high posts was completed with a stylish canopy, curtain and skirt made of Indian silk, adding a pair of named pillows. For more comfort, the couple ordered a carpet with a high pile, which perfectly contrasts with the warm shade of wallpaper.

2.Solarium Living room

The favorite room of many presidents, known as “Sunny”, is just a huge glazed balcony (veranda).

Michael decided to make this room a living room for relaxation in a modern neoclassical style. Soft and warm colors in the room seem to envelop you, and silk curtains are a great addition to the breathtaking view of the Washington monument. It’s time to relax.

3.The President’s private dining room

Of course, every President leaves an aesthetic mark on the White House. When we talk about room design, it is important to properly and beautifully mix personal items with historical artifacts of past generations. For example, in the President’s private dining room, where many tete-a-tete dinner parties have been held, there are several important things for Obama: Muhammad Ali’s own Boxing gloves with the autograph “Barack” or a painting by P. A. George Healy’s “Peacemakers” from 1868, depicting peace negotiations during the Civil war and framed notes from John F. Kennedy’s speech, a copy of which is also kept in the house where they spent their honeymoon.

4.Family living room

The family living room is specially equipped with a TV for evening family viewing. In the family living room, Sean Scully’s painting “Red anserin” is displayed against a wall covered with embossed paper; a soft comfortable sofa from Roman Thomas, a side table on a pedestal and a travertine table from Jasper Furniture, and a wool rug from Mansour.

5.Hall on the second floor

Hall on the second floor, which was once called in a special way: “deserted zone”, has turned into a cozy guest recreation area. For Michael, it was important to fill the room not only with a sense of comfortable elegance, but also to remember to emphasize the spirit of the time itself and to fill it with comfort and, sure, he did it. He helped the former first lady bring a perfect collection of contemporary African-American art to interiors that represents much more than just her love of art.

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