Naomi Campbell’s boyfriend built her an extraordinary 140 million- dollar house in the Russian forests.

Yes, you’re not mistaken; this is the most futuristic gift that can’t be called modest. This house was built in the Russian forest by her ex-boyfriend Vladislav Doronin. This is the only completed mansion of the late Iraqi-British Zaha Hadid – a house in the Barvikha forest near Moscow in honor of the man she called “Russian James Bond”.

Vladislav Doronin is a billionaire, founder and chairman of the development companies Capital Group and OKO Group, and owner of the Aman luxury hotel chain. According to Business Insider he paid 140 million dollar to build the house. That’s lacked the movie “Crazy Rich Asians” this house. 

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And it all started with Doronin request :” I want to wake up in the morning and just see the blue sky. I don’t want to see my neighbors and I want to feel free”, which was impossible to do, because Barvikha is surrounded by high pine forests. And that’s why the specific feature of the house is the main bedroom, set on a thin concrete stem that rises above the tree canopy. 

It is located at a height of twenty-two meters above the ground – this design element offers Doronin complete privacy. The glazed walls, which inclined from the edge of the floor, form two balconies that show views of the tree tops. In the twenty-two-meter stem there is a stair and an elevator that allows you to come up and down. Yes, in a house like this, everyone would feel safe during a pandemic. 

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The house also includes three large floors, partially built into the sloping area, have corner glass facades facing the forest. Wide roofs with uneven stepped edges overhang the glass walls of each floor.  

The lower part of the house, which is partially underground, includes a 20-meter pool, a spa and a night club. On the first floor there is a hall, living room and kitchen. The entrance, a classy guest room, children’s room, bedrooms and library are located on the second floor. If you want the same or just looking for inspiration, you can look here. 

Zaha knew Vladislav as a very stylish person, and always compared him to the Russian James Bond, who had the taste and money to create something extraordinary.  

This is a masterpiece. It has all the characteristics of Zaha – organic abstruseness, complexity of spatial arrangement, many surprises, a lot of tricks and beauty and elegance. 

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This is perfection in every m2  

Author / By Zara King