Not the White house, but … it’s the Vice President’s house

The official residence of all Vice presidents of the United States is called Number One Observatory Circle — this place got its name due to its location. This Victorian house on a green hill from1893 has always been a quieter place to live. It’s much quieter than the White house rooms a few miles away. 

In a few days, this will be the new home of the new United States Vice president who will occupy all 33-rooms in the house in Northwest Washington. As in the White House, each Vice president is required to leave a contribution to the interiors of the residence. It would seem that the budget of this contribution should be like the budget of Kim Kardashian’s birthday, but the Vice president lives on the nation’s taxes, so spending on the house should be minimal. 

Vice president Mike Pence’s wife started working on the house immediately after the voting, calling interior designer Arlene Kritsos of Interior Concepts. They repainted the dining room in a matte navy blue to match the blue and gold fabric of the chairs brought to the home of former second lady Marilyn Quayle. 

Столовая сейчас. (Источник: Tony Powell)
Столовая во времена бывшей второй леди Джилл Байден. (Источник: Washington life)

As an interior designer with experience, I can say that Karen Pence is well versed in colors and shades. Let’s look how calm the dining room looks without the art over the fireplace, and the color gives a classic room a bit of freshness and modernity. The modern white curtains in the dining room were replaced with more refined silk fabrics with tassels. 

Karen Pence also added the official collection of china: Chinese artists in Indiana created 100 plates for salads and desserts, decorated with fifty colors of the state. They are combined with the blue and gold Lennox china chosen by former second lady Jill Biden. Familiar last name? / Is the last name is familiar? 

Living room during the time of ex second lady Marilyn Quayle. (Source: AD Interiors) 

Look at the photo of the living room before Karen Retired, how much lighter and fresher it has become. A little life hack from me: if you have a lot of warm colors in your room, the best way to refresh the room is to add a little cool shade to the interior design. One more lesson from an interior designer to take on is replacing the dominant painting of Helen Frankenthaler with a vintage mirror to add some sunshine and size to the room. 

The glassed terrace is one of Karen Pence’s favorite rooms. (Source: The Washington Post) 

The paintings were selected from several locations, including the Smithsonian American Art Museum. The library’s shelves are filled with books written by family members of ex Vice presidents. The contrasting combination of wallpaper with soft white color emphasizes the architectural structure of the library. In a room where horizontal shelves prevail, it is always useful to add additional verticals — this is another life hack for you. 

Living room now. (Source: AD Interiors) 
Living room during the time of former second lady Marilyn Quayle. (Source: NY post) 

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